Celebrities miscarry too

by Joyce

Jay-Z recently revealed the stunning news that he and Beyonce had struggled with fertility before conceiving their current bundle of joy, enduring at least one miscarriage.

I was incredibly touched by this because I too miscarried my first. Physically, it was no big deal. I was only 6.5 weeks and had no complications — simply another of the 25% of pregnancies that naturally don’t make it. But emotionally, it was huge. I was only 21 and shocked that anything half so nasty could happen in my charmed American life.

Furthermore, it didn’t seem like anyone else I knew was having any trouble. As the years wore on and I struggled with infertility and pelvic pain, every happy pregnancy announcement on Facebook hit me like a smack in the face.

And celebrities pregnancies were no exception. With their perfect bodies and cornucopias of opportunity, it seemed a foregone conclusion that something as physical as pregnancy would come effortlessly to them. Me, I’ve had hormonal issues all my life, and I’ve never been terribly in shape. But take someone like Beyonce, who could dance circles around me (literally) and whose curves are daily proffered as the epitome of female beauty … who would ever guess that she would struggle with something as plebian as miscarriage?

And yet …

So here I am to express my gratitude that this power couple would be willing to share in my small circle of pain and compassion. Thank you, Jay-Z, for your gesture of personal honesty, and my heart goes out to you and your lovely wife.